Fertility Nutrition

A collection of past podcast episodes with information on nutrition that will boost your fertility

#48 [On-air Fertility Coaching Call] I Help Heather Make Adjustments To Her Nutrition Plan

Today, I want you to meet Heather, a member of the Practically Fertile Club.  

Heather has gone through three rounds of IUI and is currently taking a break to get healthy before trying again.  Heather’s challenges right now is with the nutrition plan.  She is trying to stick to the plan as closely as possible but is gaining weight instead of losing weight which she needs for optimal hormonal balance.  
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#46 – Animal Protein vs. Plant Protein For Fertility

Today, I’m going to talk about a topic that is for sure going to stir up a debate and I’m probably going to get some hate mail.

The topic is animal protein vs. plant-based protein.  I get this questions very often from the women with whom I consult.  “Really, I can have red meat?  I thought that was bad for you?”  Or “Really?  I read this book and it said plant based diets were way better for fertility so I stopped eating animal protein.”
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#45: Gut Health and Fertility…Revisited

So today, I actually want to revisit an old topic that we’ve talked about a lot this past year.  And that is gut health.  

I want to revisit gut health is that since episode 3 aired, the responses and questions have been overwhelming because it’s a new way of looking at nutrition, and how specifically it affects fertility.
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Episode 16: Holiday Meal Time Survival Tips

Are you stressing out about the holiday dinners and worried that it might derail you off of your diet and ruin your chances of pregnancy?

In this episode, I give you three tips on what to do so that you indulge a bit, but still stay on the band wagon.
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Episode 15: Are You Afraid of a Certain Three Letter Word?

Recently, I’ve had an influx of patients that are super fit with a diet that’s incredibly lean.  Most of them are scared of a three letter word, fat.

In this episode, I want to smash some misconceptions about fat.  I’ll talk about why you shouldn’t be afraid of fat, how fat affects fertility, and what type of fats you should avoid, and what type of fats you should be eating.
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