Welcome to Season 3 Episode 3, The first of the supplement series.

Many of you have questions about supplements and what you really should be taking because surely there’s something you’re lacking that you didn’t know about.

My personal belief on supplements is that we’re all over-supplementing.  We have this mentality that we can supplement our way out of a bad diet.  Why eat veggies when you can take a multi-vitamin?

In today’s episode, we explore a list of common vitamins and talk about each one, and whether it’s optional or for everyone.  My goal is to help you get away from this idea that you need to supplement.  The truth is, if you eat a proper diet, you don’t need a ton of supplements.

To get your hands on today’s freebie which is a cheat sheet with all the supplements we talked about today, please visit www.adriennewei.com/podcast to download.

I’m excited about today’s episode, let’s roll.

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