I have a great episode planned for you today

I have personally struggled with this and I hear from so many of you that meal planning is a struggle, even if you know exactly what you need to eating.  When you sit down to meal plan, your brain turns to mush.

Or you have the best intentions to stay on track but you’re tired and exhausted by the time you get home that you go for the easy stuff, order take out, or just throw something from a bag on the stove.

If you’re nodding your head “yes” right now,  today’s episode is for you.

Today, my guest Melanie Ash is a fitness and nutrition expert.  She is the owner of Melanie Ash Fitness, an in-person and online personal training, fitness and nutrition consulting.

Melanie’s course Making It Stick is a step by step guide on how to meal plan for success no matter which type of diet plan you’re currently on.

When I heard about Melanie, I knew I had to get her on here.  Melanie is going to share her best tips on how to meal plan so that you finally plan your meals at home without any anxiety or stress.

Melanie is also super generous, she has two gifts for us.

First, she has compiled all of her best tips that she just talked about into a cheatsheet for you.  To get your hands on the cheatsheet, visit adrienenwei.com/podcast.  

Also, to take advantage of her 30% offer on her course, visit melanieashfitness.com/easymealplanning

Let’s roll!

Check out this episode!