So, you have this life plan that you’ve mapped out that by a certain age, you’ll be married and have two kids, a dog, and a cat, maybe a hamster.  You then meet the right guy and you thought your plan would start to unfold like it should.  When that doesn’t happen, you realize that it wasn’t as easy as you thought it was going to be.

After years of searching for answers, you are handed a diagnosis of infertility.  Your whole world is now turned upside down, your plan seems impossible to execute. Where do you go from here?  What will happen if you try everything and pregnancy is still impossible?  Who would you then become?  Would you still be you? Would you feel like a failure?  These are all the little voices inside of you that are nagging you constantly.  

I want you to meet Shannon Wooten, my guest for today’s show.  Shannon is an author, speaker and life coach.  Her passion is to help women struggling to conceive to shift their mindset and find their self-value amidst a diagnosis such as infertility that makes you question who you are, what value you bring to the world now that you’ve been diagnosed with infertility, and how you can go on living in a reality that is not what you thought it would be.

Now, full disclosure I’ve known Shannon for quite some time.  She is a patient of mine at Inner Peace Acupuncture.  Through helping her on her journey, we’ve become close friends and business mastermind buddies.  She is definitely a success story, but not in the way most of you think of success.  

Just to warn you ahead of time, Shannon doesn’t hold anything back, she tells it like it is so there maybe some words that are inappropriate for young children, so I suggest that if you like to listen to my podcast in the car, please either put ear muff on your little ones or listen to it with your headphones plugged in.

And also I want to make it very clear that Shannon is not telling you to stop trying, nor is she saying that you don’t need a baby to be happy.  On the contrary she is saying try your hearts out, but just don’t lose yourself in the process because you deserve to be happy, you are not defined by your diagnosis.

Check out this episode!